Halloween Films

Whether you are here to learn more about the classic Halloween movie and its deliciously wicked sequels or whether you are here looking for some of the scariest horror films ever made to spice up your Halloween -- especially if every day is Halloween -- welcome! We've seen them all. The goosebumps good, the boringly bad and the ubiquitously ugly.

-- Halloween --
Yes, the fact that this is the special 25th anniversary DVD does in fact mean that the creepy Michael Meyers classic is now more than 25 years old. Follow this page to check out all of the other Halloween sequels that are on sale at Amazon but do yourself a favor and pick up the original in its crisp new release.

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-- Classic Horror Films --
ClassicHorrorFilms.com contains information and reviews on hundreds of the greatest horror films of all time. From the original creature features from the 1920s to today's latest creepy blockbusters -- it's all there!

-- Horror Movies ON SALE --
The latest -- and classic -- horror films on DVD and video at 30% to 40% off through Amazon.

-- Salem Witch Trials --
Yes, Salem in 1692 was more tricks than treats and this site offers up some amazing insight as to what went wrong in this town where Halloween still rules eternal.

-- Halloween Horror Nights --
The ultimate haunted house in Orlando may also inspire ideas for your own creepy Halloween fest.